Advertising and marketing through social media

Social media has become an essential channel for brands to communicate with customers. According to a report by marketing analytics firm Synthesio, social media is the most popular online marketing channel for consumers and marketers (at 77 percent). Marketers are investing more time and money in it. In fact, social media marketing strategy has grown so dramatically that we've seen a wave of influencer marketing, micro influencers, and even new social networks like Mast.

You may not be surprised that social media marketing is a challenge for brands. After all, social media is the ultimate channel for building relationships, and relationships take a long time to build. The truth is that social media marketing is a constant struggle to build and maintain real connections, grow follower lists, and create engaging content. If your brand is struggling with social media marketing, here are some of the most common reasons for that. Your social media strategy focuses heavily on short-term results. - You don't take the time to build relationships. You are not posting persuasive and engaging content. You're trying to be too many things for too many people. You do not understand your target audience.

The problem of paid advertising on social media

The problem with paid social media ads is that you don't build relationships with your customers. In fact, you are likely to interrupt them and take them out of their daily routine. This can have a negative impact on your brand. When you use paid social media ads, you will often find low engagement rates and high CPCs. That's because advertisers pay higher dollars to buy ad space on social networks. These networks are, after all, businesses. They are trying to maximize the value of their advertising inventory. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to charge a lot for ads.

Facebook - Wasteland for advertising money

Facebook has been in the center of criticism for its ad offerings for years. If you do any research about ads on Facebook and how to improve your ad campaigns on social media, you will likely come across tips for “keep it short”, “be bright and bold” and “be attractive”. These are good things to keep in mind, but they don't solve the basic problem with Facebook: the vast majority of people don't want to see your ads. They are tired of trying out the Facebook ad, and for good reason. Yes, the Facebook Ads product has come a long way in terms of targeting and other features, but it is still far from ideal. In fact, experimenting with Facebook advertising is a lengthy endeavor to try and get people's attention.

Instagram - Still Figuring Things out

Instagram is a great channel for brands and marketers, but they still figure things out when it comes to ads. In fact, Instagram ads have only been around since October 2016. Since then, Instagram has undergone some changes, including changing the name and switching from a cost-per-post model to a cost-per-click model. This switch was most likely due to low engagement rates and poor ad performance. The good news is that Instagram ads have improved over the past two years, and the platform has committed to improving the ad experience. However, Instagram ads are not cheap and engagement rates are low, at least compared to other platforms.

Twitter - Can only be used to talk about your other products

Twitter is known for its tough stance on advertising content. You are allowed to promote your website or your product, but you are not allowed to do anything else. You can't tell your customers how good your service is or even what your company does. Instead, you have to say something like "Buy our tools" or "Visit our website for great deals." Twitter Ads are CPC or CPC, which can be profitable if you are able to get customers to click through to your website or mobile app. But Twitter Ads are notorious for being underperforming. And it's really hard to stand out in the middle of the noise.

LinkedIn - Boring and hard to use for ad Campaigns

If you've ever tried to create a LinkedIn advertising campaign, you've probably gotten frustrated with the process. That's because the advertising platform has not changed much over the years. Although the platform is owned by Microsoft and can easily benefit from the billions of dollars Microsoft pours into its advertising technology each year, LinkedIn has been slow to innovate. The platform still lacks in many ways, including ad targeting options and ad creatives. You can choose from a few ad formats and get a rough idea of ​​how much your ad will cost, but that's about it. It is also difficult to measure your performance against other advertising campaigns.


In short, social media marketing is tough. It takes a lot of patience and persistence, and it's easy to get discouraged along the way. If you are struggling to grow your follower list, improve engagement rates or ad performance, remember that social media marketing takes time. You can't expect to go from zero to hero in a few months. Instead, find ways to stay motivated and reach your goals on social media.
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